Increase Lead Generation
Lift Placement Rate
Increase Lead Generation
Create Engaging Content

  • Serve your portfolios on a custom career services site
  • Manage the student/employer relationship
  • Lift student placement rate

CAREER SERVICES PORTFOLIO CONNECT immediately begins to work for your Career Services department by allowing your students/grads to build their self managed portfolios and having them served directly into a career services site developed specifically for your departmental, and prospective employer needs.

Both a corporate and campus level site are included:

The corporate site allows those large employers interested in filling positions across multiple markets to search across all, or any combination of, campus location, area of study, most recently updated, and those with resumes - then contact career services directly for follow-up.

A campus level site is also included for each campus at your school. The site and the portfolios served on it are specific to the campus and allow the employer to register to post and manage their job postings to individuals, concentrate on an area of study, or the entire student body. They can also register for portfolio review events, ask the students questions, and so much more.

This tool is all a Career Services team ever needs to manage the student/employer relationship and increase placement rate.

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