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Increase Lead Generation
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Use our School Portfolio Connect™ calculator to determine the product, or products, that help you meet your school marketing objectives.

A School Porttfolio Connect™ drop-down selection is mandatory to activate Admissions Portfolio Connect™, and Custom Porfolio Connect™ add-ons.

School Portfolio Connect™ (includes Career Services Portfolio Connect™)

Choose the amount of students you would like to give portfolio access to in the next 12 months

Admissions Portfolio Connect™

Enter the amount of inquiries you would like to generate over the next 12 months

Custom Portfolio Connect™

Would you also like to serve your School Portfolio Connect™ self-managed student portfolios directly into your .edu school site?

If you would like to accept online portfolios from applicants via PortfolioPass™, select one of the two following options.

I would like to add PortfolioPass™ to my package above.
I would like to use PortfolioPass™ as a stand-alone product.
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