You choose how you want your student portfolios to work for you...
School Portfolio Connect™

School Portfolio Connect is not simply a self-managed online portfolio tool for students, administrators, and employers.

Once we invite your new students, current students and alumni to create their portfolios, the portfolios themselves can be served into sites used to generate leads or lift conversion for admissions, lift placement rates for career services, allow your school registrar to accept online portfolios as part of your application process - or simply be served directly into your school site to generate engaging content.
Increase Lead Generation
Lift Placement Rate
Increase Lead Generation
Create Engaging Content
Receive Portfolios for Admission

  • Empower your students and have them work as ambassadors
  • Increase lead generation and conversion rates for admissions
  • Lift student placement rate for career services
When you turn on ADMISSIONS PORTFOLIO CONNECT you open your portfolios up to the world of those searching for a creative arts school and program that matches their interests.

Your portfolios and PortfolioRoom are now included on ourstudentportfolios.com the most dynamic lead generation site of its kind for those in admissions at a creative arts school.

Site visitors register to be able to contact your school by asking your students and grads questions, requesting program info, and setting appointments with the school, all of which are present on each of your portfolios – talk about a high quality lead.

Your leads are sent to your school CRM program in real-time for immediate follow-up by your admissions team.

You can also use your PortfolioRoom to showcase your student portfolios to prospective students during appointments, open-house events, school tours, or when viewed by the buying committee – and they can now also contact you via the tools mentioned above.

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